Full of foam Sommer Ray blushes when wearing a Barbie bikini

sommer ray is a beautiful fitness model who has earned a place in the world of the web in recent years, standing out mainly for the daring videos and photographs that she often shares through her digital platforms, and once again caused intense reactions among her admirers by being seen in a striking swimsuit that caught everyone’s eyes.

It is well known that the popular 25-year-old has great fame on social networks, especially Instagram and Tik Tok, where she is quite active all the time showing her day to day with her loyal followers, who are already about 40 millions of people who are always pending each of your updates.

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The successful American influencer knows that she is very loved by her audience, which is why she tries to pamper them every time she has the opportunity, so she tries to share attractive content on her profiles, among which her recent collaborations with important fashion brands usually stand out. and skin care.

And once again, the also businesswoman born in Coloradoagain delighted the pupils of the users by posting a photograph on his personal account on the social network Instagram, with which he decided to surprise his followers by posing as a Barbie next to his foam-filled pink car.

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In addition to the postcard, Sommer uploaded a recording showing behind the scenes of the photo shoot, where he appears with his blonde hair in the sun while soaping his vehicle, wearing a two-piece swimsuit that matches the car and a sack that was removed to model before the camera lens.

Obviously, the publication did not take long to attract the attention of thousands of Internet users on the platform, who could not ignore his perfect tan and dazzling smile that made more than one blush, since they could not resist leaving their little red hearts and compliments towards she.

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