Funeral of Benedict XVI: why Gérald Darmanin will represent France

Died this Saturday, December 31 at the age of 95, the funeral of Benedict XVI will take place this Thursday, January 5 on St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. They will be celebrated by his successor, the pope francis. Since the announcement of his death, the faithful have marched to Saint Peter’s Basilica, where the body of the pope emeritus is exposedto be able to pay him a last homage. And for his funeral, France will be represented by Gérald Darmanin.

In effect, the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories is also Minister of Worship, even if it is not specified in his governmental title, as recalled Le Figaro this Tuesday, January 3. This is the reason why he will represent France for this funeral that the Vatican wants “solemn, but sober”. St. Peter’s Square was not chosen at random, since it was there that John Paul II’s funeral took place in 2005. many guests or even religious representatives from all over the world should be present. Among the latter, several French bishops will join the official delegation, as reported by the daily The cross.

Tributes on his death

Appointed pope in April 2005, Benedict XVI resigned from office in February 2013 due to failing health, citing a loss of vigor preventing him from properly administering the mission entrusted to him. An almost unprecedented resignation since none had taken place for nearly six hundred years. “My thoughts are with the bereaved Catholics of France and the world”declared the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macronon his Twitter account after the news of the death of Benedict XVI.

The former president Nicolas Sarkozy also wanted to pay tribute “To His Holiness Benedict XVI” on Twitter. He saluted the memory of a “a huge theologian, whose thought and writings will irrigate the life of the Church for a long time”. The pope emeritus lived in the Mater Ecclesiæ monastery reserved for former popes and Vatican clericshe no longer walked much and used a walker to get around.

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