Funeral of Federico Martin Aramburu: his widow very dignified and well surrounded to say goodbye to the murdered Argentinian player

The funeral of Federico Martin Aramburu took place this Saturday March 26 in Biarritz. Maria, his widow, was well surrounded to pay a final tribute to her husband.

A hard time. It was a real drama that took place on the night of Friday March 18 to Saturday March 19, 2022. The former Argentinian professional rugby player, Federico Aramburu, was killed in the heart of Paris following an altercation with three individuals. Since then, the world of sport has been in mourning and his funeral took place this Saturday, March 26 in Biarritz. For the occasion, more than 1,000 people came to pay a final tribute to Federico Martin Aramburu. Among them, his former playing partners, his friends, the entire Argentine community in the Southwest, but also Maria, his widow. “The solution to all this is neither justice, nor states, nor politics, but education.” she said with dignity before adding: “So that our children do not know hatred”. In the aftermath, it was Roger Aguerre, former coach at Biarritz Olympique where the player played between 2005 and 2006, who took the floor to share hismy sadness and my anger“, he asserted.These are acts of people opposite to your values ​​and you stood up for your beliefs that night.” he continued, very upset. Federico Martin Aramburu was much appreciated and, while the ceremony took place inside the Sainte-Eugénie church, a giant screen had been made available to the publiccame to say goodbye.

A real drama. The facts took place on March 19 at around 6:15 a.m. Federico Martin Aramburu was in a night establishment located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district when a verbal dispute took place. This one quickly degenerated and they are come to blows. The bouncer managed to separate them and put an end to the altercation, but a person later returned by car and fired shots. Many times, Federico Aramburu was hit and he died of his injuries. To shed light on this case, an investigation was quickly opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office and it is the crime squad that was seized. Three suspects have been identified. Among them, Loik Le Priol, who was arrested on Tuesday evening at the Zahony border post as he was about to go to Ukraine. He will be handed over to the French authorities by Hungary in the coming days. There is also Romain Bouvier, former student of the Parisian university Assas Ctif on the ultra right. He was arrested the next day in Sarthe. He was indicted formurderand was remanded in custody. Just like Lison B, the companion of Loïk Le Prio, who was indicted for “complicity in murder”.

Funeral of Federico Martin Aramburu: which personalities were present?

Losing a loved one is a very painful moment and Maria was able to count on the support of her husband’s friends. Among them, Omar Hasana former Argentine rugby international, came to honor him but also Juan Martin Berberianhis compatriot and former playing partner at Club Atlético San Isidro, Dimitri Yachvili, Jérôme Thion, Imanol Harinordoquy, Gonzalo Quesada or Lisandro Arbizu. As reported by L’Equipe, the coffin of Federico Martin Aramburu was carried by former teammates, the French internationals Thomas Lievremont and Nicolas Brusque, argentinian Manuel Carizza as well as Shaun Hegarty, present at the time of the events. As a reminder, the former rugby player leaves behind his widow, maria but also their three children, Justina, Trinidad and Santiago.


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