Fynn Kliemann comments on allegations – and talks about his head and neck

He “please forgive me and take a differentiated look at all perspectives,” said the 34-year-old. He takes the allegations against him seriously, he emphasized: “Yes, Global Tactics also had masks made in Bangladesh. No, I never sold or advertised these masks.” Kliemann explained that he only offered masks in his online shop that came “100 percent from Portugal”.

Has he lost track?

“The masks that were produced by Global Tactics in Bangladesh were purely a wholesale contingent,” he continued and made it clear that all buyers of these masks, including About You, had been informed in advance about their origin. Kliemann also told the “Spiegel”: “It was a phase in which several partners wanted to use my name for advertising without me having a precise overview. I knew that masks were produced in Bangladesh, but I didn’t know who exactly they will be sent to.”

About You said on Friday when asked by t-online: “The ‘ZDF Magazin Royale’ video has reached us and we are aware of it. We are currently examining the case internally to get an accurate picture of the facts.” Kliemann’s masks were therefore taken offline as a first step.

Tarek Müller, the co-founder of About You, reacted to Kliemann’s statement video on Twitter on Friday evening. He explained: “We were not aware until today that some of the masks were not produced in Europe. […] According to the information we have, Global Tactics has not informed us or advised us in 2020 or after that the masks are manufactured outside of Europe. Even the person responsible for Global Tactics confirmed to our buyer on the phone today that we had never received any information about productions outside of Europe.” Müller informed Kliemann that his statement was wrong. “Unfortunately, the statement and Insta video were there already out and, according to Fynn, could not be taken back.”