Fynn Kliemann defends himself against Böhmermann allegations: “Bad”

Fynn Kliemann rejects allegations of fraud by Jan Böhmermann – but he admits: “Bad”

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Finn Kliemann became known as a messy handyman. His “Kliemannsland”, an old farm in Rüspel, which he bought in 2016 and turned into a fun paradise, is very popular. But his good image has now been damaged by research by Jan Böhmermann’s “ZDF Magazin Royale”. Fynn Kliemann is allegedly engaged in large-scale corona mask fraud.

That wants Finn Kliemann so, however, did not sit up and rejected some of the allegations against him in a statement. Elsewhere, however, the YouTuber and musician admitted mistakes!

Fynn Kliemann gets into trouble after mask allegations by Jan Böhmermann

Fynn Kliemann has long been perceived as the nice guy next door. Ironically, the Spotify partner of his buddy Olli Schulz, with whom Kliemann bought and renovated the old house boat of singer Gunter Gabriel in 2018, has now raised doubts about Kliemann’s clean character. In a new issue of “ZDF Magazin Royale”, Jan Böhmermann uncovered questionable machinations involving the YouTuber and his “Oderso” masks.

These are not at all sustainable and fairly traded and do not come – as claimed – from Europe. In truth, the Corona everyday masks that Kliemann launched in spring 2020 together with his business partner Tom Illbruck from the company Global Tactics are said to come from Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Fynn Kliemann defends himself against allegations of fraud – but also admits mistakes

Fynn Kliemann is now trying to take countermeasures and defend his reputation. “I would like to formally apologize to all people, organizations and institutions who are now ‘disappointed and shocked at first sight’,” said the YouTuber in his statement. “I take these allegations very seriously. I have to apologize for some and urgently need to correct others because those allegations of fraud are simply not true.

Kliemann admits that Global Tactics had masks produced in Bangladesh. However, he never sold or advertised them. “I only offered masks via www.maskeoderso.de and these came 100% from Portugal and Serbia. Wherever ‘maskeoderso’ had Portugal and Serbia on it, Portugal and Serbia were 100% in it,” said Kliemann when asked by the editorial network Germany (RND). The masks made in Bangladesh only went to bulk buyers, not to private individuals.

Fynn Kliemann describes the email about the relabeling of packages as “bad”

The 34-year-old also commented on the emails quoted by Böhmermann about the concealment of the true origin of the masks. These are “bad” and are “rightly criticized”. “At this point I have to say clearly that this sentence should have caught my eye. Because in the e-mail communication about the processes, I was partly a copy.”


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However, Kliemann justifies himself by saying that he “was no longer able to keep track of the process”. That should never happen and therefore he assumes a responsibility, even if he was neither a producer nor a seller. “By these omissions, not having dealt with these processes in detail, I have disappointed many.”

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