G-Squad: Chris’ shocking revelations about the other members of the group

By Mamy Yves Ratsimbazafy

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Chris Keller was on September 29 the guest of Morning without filter on Virgin Radio. It was for the former member of the G-Squad the opportunity to make some shocking revelations about the other members of the group.

The 90s had seen the rise of boy band groups that rocked the youth of the members of this promotion. We had for example the 2be3, Worlds Apart and the G-Squad. The latter were composed of Marlon, Gerald Jean-Laurent, Mika and Andrew McCarthy. Their first appearance on stage having been successful, they decided to continue their journey together for two albums. After this time, the group eventually broke up. Thus forcing each of its members to focus on their careers. Determined to continue his momentum, Chris launched the Génération Boys Band. A collective he formed with Franck Delay of 2be3 and Allan Théo. This initiative was immediately successful. Hence the fact that they have been performing all over France for quite a while.

Shock confidences that risk making people talk

Chris Keller has again been talked about after a few years of silence. He was indeed invited by our colleagues from Virgin Radio for an exclusive interview. It was an opportunity for him to swing about the other members of the G-Squad of which he was a part. The singer thus declares without the slightest filter that his former stage comrades were used to singing with playbacks behind. Only by force, it becomes so much a habit that we can lose our talent. The latter therefore paid the price, as confirmed by this anecdote, both hilarious and embarrassing, that he confided.

According Chris Keller, he would be the only one who really sang in the G-Squad. The others were only figurative as he puts it so well: ” They weren’t singing. The problem is when you sing on playback for years you think you’re really singing because it’s been on for years “. It was during a show in Canada that everything changed: ” We had to sing everything live. There, they opened the microphone and everyone stared at me like marbles because the sound was rotten. The guys weren’t singing “. Shocking revelations that risk bringing out

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