Gabriel Attal: is the minister related to Yvan Attal?

This Tuesday, January 31, Gabriel Attalthe Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, will be the guest of the 20 hours newspaper by TF1. Known for his oratory skills, former government spokesman does he have a family relationship with actor Yvan Attal ? At the risk of disappointing some, the two men are not related. The surname “Attal” is relatively widespread. According to the website Forebears, 8,195 people have this surname worldwide.

However, Gabriel Attal is indeed a child of cinema. His father, Yves Attalwho died in 2016 from fatal cancer, was a film producer. The trained lawyer notably produced the dramatic comedy High heelsdirected by Pedro Almodóvar and released in theaters in January 1992. His mother, Marie de Couriss was, for her part, an employee of a production company. Thus, the thirty-something has bathed in the seventh art.

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acting skills

Moreover, Gabriel Attal could have to kiss an acting career. Indeed, while he was still a student, he was cast for one of the main roles of the feature film The beautiful person of Christophe Honore. Due to his lack of experience, the young man will ultimately not be retained. He will still lend his features to a secondary character and will receive a small fee thanks to which he will buy his first scooter.

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