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Gabriela Herrera does not let go of her inner child and, for this Christmas, he wishes peace and union for all Peruvian families. Furthermore, he revealed that he believes in Santa Claus.

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“Although they say that it does not exist, right? But I think that in the hearts of children and also ours, because we all have our inner child alive, that Santa Claus does exist and he came down the chimney, even though he doesn’t have one, to bring me my gift, that’s what my mom told me. And as for asking him for more than a gift, I asked him that my family always be together and we spend beautiful moments ”, Gabriela Herrera expressed for Trome.

He then continued with: “I’m not spiteful. Look, my sign is Libra and Libras like fair things which is very different from being spiteful, everything stays behind the door of the studio I was in… imagine holding resentment, the one that gets sick, wrinkles and puts I’m bad, on the contrary, I wish you all the best”

Gisela Valcárcel on fine to Gabriela Herrera: “Contracts have obligations”

The television host Gisela Valcárcel was consulted regarding the penalty of 56 thousand soles that Gabriela Herrera would have to pay for having declared the Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter program, when she was still part of the dance reality show.

“Gabriela Herrera must pay a penalty of 56 thousand soles, is it that high?” The Trome newspaper consulted Ethel Pozo’s mother, who did not deny that the information circulating is false and only explained that “the legal part” is taking care of the issue.

“I don’t see the legal part that has to do with contracts, it would be too much and time doesn’t give me. But it is a fact that when you sign a contract with someone there are obligations on both sides and these must be fulfilled, in this case by the producer and the artist.” Valcárcel replied without delving further into the subject.

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At another time, the television host also referred to the comment that Gino Pesaressi made about the alleged “favoritism” that exists in “The Big Show.” “Yes, in fact, it is our emotions that work against us when we are under pressure and so one says things that they did not mean, it happens to many of us.”, he commented.

Finally, Gisela Valcárcel did not rule out that GV Producciones change television house next year. “No, I did not go to the pre-sale (…) It means that I start to consider everything in our production company and I will continue working to present programs that I love”, He responded when asked if his absence in the pre-sale means that he changed the channel.


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