Gabriela Martins shares a moving video of her brother, Marcelo, and her father

A few days ago, the Bolivian footballer Marcelo Martins addressed his followers to ask for prayers for his father, Mauro Martinswhich is very delicate of health. “I need a lot right now, I sincerely hope that you can help me to pray and have a lot of faith”said an emotional Marcelo in a video on his social networks.

Through Instagram, her sister, Gabriela, also asked for prayers and revealed the status of Mauro Martins, who urgently needs a liver transplantbut that the seriousness of his condition prevents him from undergoing surgery.

In this harsh trance, the pastry chef caught a touching moment of his soccer brother and his father, and wanted to reveal it to show how “great” Marcelo is.

In the video, the Bolivian national team player caress, kiss and hug to his father with much love.

“When I show off my brother, some will think that my intention is to hang on to his success or to believe me famous, that is temporary vanity and it means nothing to me.
When I show off my brother, which by the way I do it with great pride, it is to share with all of you how great he is… God honors his life because he knows how to honor his parents. Before they asked me if he admired someone, he always answered that nobody. Today who I admire with all certainty is him, for carrying high the meaning of love, respect and loyalty. Thank you for everything little brother, dad is very proud of you, “wrote the also businesswoman.