Gabriela Spanic after her most recent surgery

After her surgical intervention in December 2021, the Venezuelan actress, model and former beauty queen, Gabriela Spanic, was invited to the program I know everything, of Channel 1, where he spoke about this last intervention and responded to the comments that some of his followers, as well as other celebrities, made against him.

“We are going to correct her flaccidity due to a recent weight loss, we are going to give her a little more waist and we are going to lift her buttocks a little”, was the intervention of the specialist doctor Luis Gil, about the operation he performed on the actress, known for her leading role in the Mexican novel The usurper.

Meanwhile, in her interview, Gabriela wore a tight-fitting dress where you can see the results of her operation, as well as how happy she feels after her intervention. “I am 48 years old, this year I turn 49, but there are things that are not removed with exercise…”, assured the actress, referring to the fact that her aesthetic “arrangements” would have been those that with the effort of the gym He hadn’t been able to get over it.

“That was what I did, I feel very happy, every time I see myself in the thick I say, what a successful operation! I don’t care what they think.” He continued to affirm in his interview, referring to the criticism he has received from some people who do not agree with his surgical interventions, stating that he did not care about those comments, that he was happy with the results obtained.

In her interview, the Venezuelan also recalled that she, as well as her son, were victims of an attempted murder that was revealed at the beginning of 2021, but that it would have taken place a few years ago when this woman was about 36 years old. “I am alive thank God and my son is alive thank God. I have been a very brave woman, God has given me a lot of strength, really. Because they were attempted murders, not one, there were several”, declared the well-known and beloved actress about the danger she experienced, apparently from one of her assistants, who would have wanted to poison her.

It is worth remembering that Mary Méndez, presenter of the entertainment program Network of the Caracol channel, broke out and made his perceptions known in relation to the criticism that was being made of a famous actress when she decided to go under the knife again. This led her to recall an anecdote of her own.

Well, the criticism of the changes that Spanic made, after making some ‘fixes’ and improving her figure after losing weight, made Mary remember a similar situation, when she herself has been questioned in other places about her body or way Act.

I am a woman and I was born a woman the presenter said. In past situations, Méndez would have been described as ‘El Macho’ from the television program Network, This is due to her exercised body that she shows on social networks and that, possibly, for many is not “feminine”. However, that hasn’t been a viable reason for the 40-plus-year-old gossip host to stop lifting weights.

Several of the companions of set, that every weekend meet in the program, tried to calm Méndez and reminded him that, being a public figure, these types of altercations happen more than usual. However, in her characteristic tone, the woman replied: “I’m not going to discuss my life with you or with anyone.”