Gabriela Tafur reveals details of the reign

The famous presenter of The Box ChallengeGabriela Tafur is one of the most admired Colombian models. Tafur stands out for giving her opinion on different topics of the country with strong arguments and for her warmth in the program.

However, she is also remembered for her time at Miss Universe. On the subject and many others, she spoke on the television show It is said of me, from Caracol Television. There he revealed details about his personal life.

The first thing she talked about was her time in the reign, she pointed out that the idea and passion for Miss Universe arose when she was very young, because she had a nanny who always called her that way. “She always called me Miss Universe, that got to me and I was interested in modeling. I was very small, but I was intimidated to be on the catwalk, ”she said.

However, he said that thanks to that he started on the catwalks, because he came to be considered for the reign of Valle del Cauca, until later it was. In addition, she said that the day she began to compete to be Miss Colombia, it was her when she graduated as a lawyer.

After that step, she began to feel that she was aiming to win the National Beauty Reign contest. “I always felt like Miss Colombia, I said: I’m going to win, I felt it inside of me. I don’t remember anything, I did that ‘zombie’ coronation of fatigue”.

It should be noted that Tafur became a co-host of The challenge, after Daniella Álvarez had to leave for health reasons. Since then, she has been helping the renowned presenter Andrea Serna, with whom she has also been very close.

Serna’s scolding of a participant in the Show

Andrés Alfonso Miranda, nicknamed Tarzan in the Challengehas been the protagonist of more than one debate on the Canal Caracol program and on the latest broadcast of the reality show was no exception.

On this occasion, the contestant was present at one of the tests that the women on his team were carrying out and, as captain of the Alpha, he must have been supporting his partner Carol in the middle of the competition and he decided to lie down to sleep. .

During the conversation that Andrea Serna carries out with each of the participants, the presenter questioned him for that act and for not supporting women in this cycle in which they are in danger.

“I don’t know what makes you laugh Tarzan, if you are the captain and you had to support the women of your team because they are in danger,” Serna questioned him.

In this regard, the participant stated that he has been speaking with some colleagues to whom he has told that he does not want to be a captain, that he has had to guide many people in his life, be a leader of his community and that he has always assumed that role and for now he would not want to be a captain.

“I arrived and it was my turn to be captain for having won, then I continued to be and, the truth is, it is not something that I want to do, it is something that simply touched me,” he said.

Given this, Serna then asked him if he did not want to be a captain, to which he replied in the affirmative.

Upon arrival at the house where the other Alpha companions were, they questioned Tarzan’s attitude and described it as an “ugly act”, because while the others were killing themselves to win, he just decided to sleep.