Gaby Köster: This is how her new comedy series will be on the radio

Her voice will soon be heard regularly on the radio again: From May 20, the new comedy series “Gaby’s World – Not perfect, but happy” with Gaby Köster (60) will start on radio station WDR 4. The show then runs every Friday at 11:15 a.m.

In terms of content, it will mainly be about the actress and her everyday life – including “relationships, parcel carriers and the supermarket”, according to a press release. The anecdotes are apparently told with Köster’s well-known humor – and a large portion of optimism.

Not her first radio show

It’s not the first radio show for the 60-year-old. In the 1980s, Köster’s voice could already be heard in the first radio sketches of the show “Unterhaltung am Wochenend” on WDR. With the new comedy series “Gaby’s World – Not Perfect, But Happy”, the actress is experiencing a kind of comeback.

Gaby Köster suffered a severe stroke in 2008, which has severely affected her physically ever since. She wrote the book “A cold would have been enough – my second chance” about the time after the stroke, which was published in 2011. In the same year she appeared in public again for the first time.