Gad Elmaleh: this crazy evening he spent with Béatrice Rosen, “She did weird things to me”

This Thursday, January 19, the teams of TPMP were lucky enough to find Gad Elmaleh. The comedian was determined to animate the gallery! So, the latter swung a file on a pretty blonde around the table. This is Beatrice Rosen! You will be surprised by the behavior of the latter. Indeed, the columnist admitted that it was in a ” another life“…

TPMP : Gad Elmaleh reveals a crazy anecdote about him and Béatrice Rosen

Gad Elmaleh was on the set of TPMP to do the promoting his latest show. For information, this will be broadcast on Friday, January 20 on the channel C8. One thing is certain, Gad Elmaleh was in good shape. ” I have a game for you”, he began before continuing: “ You will tell me if it is true or not. One day in my life, Beatrice Rosen chased me after almost a whole day while I was dressed as a clown”.

She knocked me down with a vaseduring my sleep, she did strange things to me, I woke up in another dimension in a distant house in a forest“, he continues before asking Baba and to the other columnists: ” True or false ? “. Against all odds: That is true“, validates Béatrice Rosen. But, ” It was a very long time agoin another life“, she explains before pointing out that it was during a shoot.

The two personalities know each other very well.

Then, the happy duo continued their revelations in TPMP. Indeed, Gad Elmaleh and Béatrice Rosen did not stop there. It was the turn of the columnist of TPMP to reveal things. ” Afterwards, we saw each other in Los Angeles“, swings the pretty blonde. Suddenly, Gad Elmaleh became a little uneasy. ” You had a lease with a mutual friend. This mutual friend lived with me“.

Stunned, the comedian asks him: Serious ? Wait, but who is it?“. The columnist of TPMP clarified: ” I had a casting the next day, I wanted to go home early, and the relous, because they had no carneither of them, they drove me all over LA to get them back to his hotel”. ” It’s crazy… Can you give me a clue who the person was? »asks Gad Elmaleh in vain. We can’t say that here.” finished Beatrice Rosen. Definitely, it was time for confidence in TPMP.

TPPM: Gad Elmaleh did not make Cyril Hanouna’s son laugh

While Gad Elmaleh chatted with the merry band of TPMP, Baba receives a phone call from Lino. His son wanted to talk with him about the game on television. ” Wait, tell him I have a present for him“, swung Gad Elmaleh while taking the smartphone. ” Hi Lino, you know the Minions ? Do you know the character of Groot? You know I’m doing the voice?“, explains the comic.

Oh yeah ?” , respond Lino without more enthusiasm. So, Gad Elmaleh launches into an improvised imitation. ” Lino, are you happy?“, asks his father. The discussion ended with a simple ” Yeah“. Lino does not seem to have been conquered by the gift of the guest of TPMP !