Gaëlle Garcia Diaz pregnant: She reveals a hilarious video and photos from a shoot!

Nothing seems to be able to hinder the manifest happiness that exists between Gaëlle Garcia Diaz and Daan de Pever since they got together a few years ago. The two lovebirds had indeed started by saying Yes for life on May 9, 2021 before starting their first child. A goal that they have just started if we trust the latest news shared by the actress. The latter had announced through her Instagram account that she was pregnant with her first child on May 16. What had not failed to react within his community.

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz provokes the enthusiasm of her fans

The news of Gaëlle Garcia Diaz’s pregnancy had provoked a lot of reactions in the ranks of her fans. The pretty brunette who had been able to read the many congratulatory messages that had rocketed all over the comments section. We can say that everyone was happy and even his friend Shera Kerienski had sent her congratulations. Like what, the atmosphere was joyful with this adorable photo of her baby bump which shows that she is already at an advanced stage of her pregnancy.

Internet users were so far 569,000 to have liked this publication by Gaëlle Garcia Diaz. A real demonstration of its notoriety within its community since this score was obtained in just 15 hours. We can already imagine what it will be like in a few hours.