Galilea joins as host in Netas Divinas

Galilea joins as host in Netas Divinas. This was the news that ran through the different forums of Televisa, after the new season of the program “Netas Divinas” was presented, where the surprise was revealed that Guadalajara will be part of this project.

On the Instagram page of the program they welcomed the driver and accompanied by a heart, wrote that they are “eager to start this new stage with you.” So her colleagues welcome her with open arms: Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval, Natalia Téllez and Daniela Magún.

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For its part, Galilea Montijo said she was lucky and happy to join to that new job that will mark his career: “They had already invited me, but for reasons it was not possible, now that things have settled down I am happy with life”.

Although the famous has a long history as a driver, she said that this “It is a challenge because I know that in this program everything is said, but everything has been said about me, so I have no problem on that side”. She also recognized the work of her new colleagues and said that she really wanted to do other things.

Gali revealed that It was her husband, the politician Fernando Reina, who actually served as one of the great motivations for her to join Netas Divinas. But, in addition, he gave her some advice on how she should project herself in this new challenge: “He told me: ‘talk about everything without shame or anything, I want you to be the authentic Galilee, if not, how lazy’ ”.

During the presentation of the new net, all the drivers showed to be happy and excited by this new experience promoted by producer Miguel Ángel Fox, who in fact also clarified that the new driver did not ask for anything special to be part of this team.

In your participation, Consuelo Duval also dispelled the gossip that she didn’t get along with Gali: “We’re not friends, we’ve never gone out for coffee or drinks. We are co-workers, but now that she will be here with us, I assure you that you will see us often together ”.

In social networks the comments did not waitWhile some welcomed Gali for joining Netas Divinas, others criticized the host because they consider that according to her she has nothing to contribute or that there are even more interesting women.

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