Galilea Montijo boasts where her outfit is from. Fabulous?

Galilea Montijo, who has been part of the Hoy program for several years, reappeared in a set with a lemon blouse and a leather skirt with a detail that did not go unnoticed by her large virtual community.

A set of garments by the presenter Galilea Montijo, unleashed several reactions from her fan club after jumping a small detail in sight.

The session of the “tapatia“, who once again boasted to his community of 9.8 million subscribers where the pieces of clothing and accessories he chose on this occasion came from, described in the message that accompanies the photograph.

Skirt, blouse and shoes from @latingal_boutique, reads the description with which the famous accompanies the postcard shared a day ago on the platform.

As often happens, Galilea Montijochose a set from Latingal boutique, her own clothing line and of which she has a physical store which also makes shipments throughout Mexico.

Wearing a lemon-print blouse and a below-the-knee skirt with a high slit at the side, “The Montijo” modeled in front of the camera caressing a big star highlighted on the wall.

One of the first to react to the image of the “Today’s driver“It was her colleague Tania Rincón who applauded her colleague’s look in the morning of Las Estrellas: “Divine in very Italian lemon,” she wrote.

To this were added other messages from some of the faithful followers of the “H model men“, who did not hesitate to express their admiration for the one born on June 5, 1973.

Every day more beautiful, Divine, Beautiful, I was beautiful, I love you, were some other reactions that came to the snapshot.

The well-remembered television actress in productions such as “The Grand Prize“, “Until money do us part”, “Loving you is my sin”, among other melodramas, he chose to wear his hair loose to the front, highlighting some reflections with semi-defined waves.

In addition to another pair of accessories that added an extra touch to the look with a pair of sneakers tied to her ankle with straps and a teddy bear on the front.

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