Galilea Montijo, combines black look that favors all

Galilea Montijo chose the most favorable look for all with a combination of black garments and the maxi accessories that she likes so much on a day to start this weekend.

The presenter Mexican, Galilea Montijo reappears in one of the many sessions that she shares with her loyal followers who enjoy appreciating the outfits with which the Las Estrellas colleague will appear from the television set.

After becoming one of the most popular on the photo platform, Galilea Montijopromotes much of what defines his style with which he always seeks to stand out in one way or another, as well as on this occasion.

Galilea Montijo is right in “super blazer” and leather leggings. Photo: Capture Instagram

In which a set of garments with black stood out very well with a gold maxi necklace that brought a lot of view to the look of the “tapatia” who has become the ambassador of “Latingal Boutique”, thus promoting many of the garments that can be purchased from the portal or in the physical store.

The pieces used by the “Today’s driver“In this session, what can be combined to the taste of the clients is offered separately, although the faithful “galisters” were captivated by the selection by the famous 48-year-old, who managed to subtract several years and wear her outfit like all a young lady with the option of wearing it both day and night.

A black blazer with salmon-colored details covered a short black top that “businesswoman“He combined with black leggings and sneakers of the same color with a touch of gold on the heel that matched the gold accessory he added to his neck.

The cheerleader’s leggin from “Vida Tv” and “Little gigants“, would have a cost of 690.00 while in the upper part the “blazer with sparkles” that covered the upper part has a price of 899 Mexican pesos.

The “H model men“, was captured outside in front of a garden from where she appears standing and with her eyes fixed upwards, allowing the elements of her fashion proposal to be appreciated in detail, to which one of her closest stylists did not hesitate to praise: “SUPER BLAZER”

Blazer with sparkles, can be seen from the store’s official Instagram account.

as pretty as ever

Uh lalá gorgeous tqmmm,

My beauty


I love you beautiful


you spent


But what a beauty


I love you

ahh well

They were some of the reactions that can be seen from the official account of the television actress who collaborated in productions such as “El Premio Mayor”, Until money separates us” among others, which accumulated a total of 26, 158 likes.

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