Galilea Montijo disheveled and in bed with a gorgeous man

Once again, the gorgeous host of the Hoy Program, Galilee Montijoraised the temperature with some burning images in which he appears disheveled and in bed with a gorgeous man that it is not her husband, Fernando Reina Iglesias.

And it is that, the 5in5ua1 presenter of 49 years of age, Galilee Montijorecently appeared on the cover of the men’s magazine Playboy Africa edition, which he boasted through his Instagram account, and which on this occasion uncovered two new images that have caused a stir on social networks.

Galilee hotter than ever

In them he appears wearing a tiny and tight white strapless dresswhich contrasted with her tanned skin, as she posed kneeling next to the rapper French Montana lying on the bed contemplating her beauty and her messy hair.

The images unleashed madness in the networks, because Galilea Montijo definitely made it clear that this 2023 comes with everything, precisely the year in which she will reach 50 years of age, looking spectacular like a goddess in her thirties.

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“I love you Montijo, how spectacular”, “What photos!”, “Very strong!”, “Ufff”, “Precious”, “But mommyiiiiii”, “Wow, you look incredible”, “Beautiful”, “Fotazas ”, “Diosita”, “Beautiful as always, my Gali”, were some of the comments she received.

Galilea Montijo disheveled and in bed with a gorgeous man. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Just a few weeks ago Galilee Montijo surprised and conquered in the most avant-garde way posing for L’Officiel magazine, posing with eccentric outfits Matrix-style latex, and others that showed her spectacular figure and her gift for modeling.

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Definitely, the also host of the weekly program, divine net has proven to be quite the set of cuteness, and one of television’s favorite hostesses thanks to her charisma, charm, and of course, her beauty that does not expire over the years.

Galilea Montijo disheveled and in bed with a gorgeous man. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Currently with two programs on the air, Galilee Montijo closed the year also hosting the successful reality show Who is the Mask?together with Carlos Rivera, Yuri and JuanPa Zurita, as well as Teletón 2022, and the end of the year special, while this 2023 began on the right foot celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Hoy Program, a morning program that has been running for two decades, at next to his beloved companion and friend, Andrea Legarreta.

Galilea Montijo disheveled and in bed with a gorgeous man. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Surely during this year more surprises will come for Galilee Montijowho lately has surprised us by showing off her modeling skills in these publications, confirming that age is just a number, and she is age-proof.

Galilea Montijo disheveled and in bed with a gorgeous man. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

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