Galilea Montijo imitates Michelle Renaud and almost faints in an ice bath

Galilea Montijo performs many activities to take care of her figure, but one of the most recent was so extreme that the Mexican almost fainted.

Following the advice of her colleague Michelle Renaud, the host of the Hoy Program underwent a bath of ice water, which was recorded with a video for her Instagram account. There she could be seen enduring the low temperatures while someone helped her stay inside her, holding her shoulders.

According to the information that is currently circulating, performing this routine provides multiple health benefits, among which are: an improvement in blood flow, greater energy and it is even considered a natural antidepressant.

The also actress wrote in the publication that so far she has more than 88 thousand “likes”: “My 1st attempt on ice! I managed 2:25 (minutes)” and his followers told him: “You are strong”.

For his part, Renaud has more experience in this type of rituals, since he has been performing them for a long time and, according to what he told in his networks, the base of the ice bath “It’s the breaths that change your health, your mind, your everything”.

In fact, the protagonist of La Herencia has already encouraged her family and friends to do the same.