Galilea Montijo in a colorful look causes a sensation in Hoy

Galilea Montijo, a faithful fashion regular, reappears with the most colorful outfit in one of her recent postcards, bell-shaped pants combined with a short top, revealing the small area of ​​her waist.

The presenterGalilea Montijo, appears in a new postcard that she posted from her Instagram account in which she models flared pants in a vibrant orange color that matches a square green top.

The “Today’s driver“, caused quite a sensation wearing cheerful and very contrasting colors but that left her magnificent silhouette visible, which as you can see she still has at 48 years old.

Galilea Montijo in top and high pants, praise her waist. Photo: Capture Instagram

With a green heart, the “tapatia“He accompanied a postcard in which he looks standing in front of a wall in purple, modeling for the camera with his hands on his hips with an air of great confidence in the outfit he wore last Tuesday.

The various reactions did not wait for the “H model men” who has collaborated in the morning for more than 14 years, which has led her to win the affection of viewers and network users.

It was his colleague, one of the first to react to the postcard of the remembered cheerleader in “tv life“, “Pequeños Gigantes”, among many other programs: Wooooooow, commented @andrealegarreta, followed by @taniarin, who expressed: “Miss cinturita”.

BODYZAZAZOOO!!!!, Hermosaaa, Preciousness I adore you, Very beautiful, Omg! What’s up, great body, Bella, How beautiful, Beautiful, is read in other comments on the publication that in the end accumulated 28,537 likes.

It should be said that the pair of pants he wears “Montijo” has arrived with force this season, replacing a little those of denim or very tight fabrics.

This spring, they have become the protagonists and are a piece that models, celebrities and influencers have added to their wardrobe and preferably in very striking tones.

In your case, “Gali“She has worn them since last winter season in more sober colors or corduroy-style fabrics, while others wore them even in velvet. There are no rules!

The “youtuber“, Martha Galilea Montijo, has shown a very close link with fashion which goes back to her childhood and her relationship with her grandmother, so the opening of a physical clothing store was a dream come true.

Now the ambassador of “Latingal Boutique”, she always seeks to keep up with trends and with a particular style surprises her followers in each of her reappearances.

Likewise, the “Instagram celebrity” maintains its activity by constantly updating its content on the platform with the sessions it shares day by day.

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