Galilea Montijo in a light blue dress that marks her curves

the driver of the morning program Today, she always shows off her good taste and style to dress on social networks, so this occasion was no exception and she wore a sky-green dress that marked her prominent curves, a beautiful and very colorful garment.

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Galilea Montijo always surprises us with the outfits she shows off on social media, and this time was no exception, as she posed with a light blue dress satin, which was long-sleeved, with a V neckline and openings on the sides, a quite striking garment.

The accessories could not be missing, so she added a silver belt, a green ring and neon green rectangle earrings. Her hair decided to wear it loose and ironed, while her make-up she settled for black eyeliner and nude lips.

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His sneakers were also green, only in a different shade. Her followers immediately began to comment on how good green looks on her, including some colleagues like Tania Rincón and Andrea Escalona who were delighted with that power of dressing that the driver has.

One of the most relevant news with which we were all surprised, was with her admission to the Netas Divinas program, since she was attacked on social networks, many assure that she is not at the level of the others conductors to be able to talk about various topics.

Not even the way of being fits there, I think that in Netas Divinas there is already a very strong bond between Consuelo Duval, Paola Rojas, Natalia Téllez and Daniela Magun, in which Galilea Montijo does not fit. So far no more has been said on the subject, to wait for the next program.

For now we are content with you sharing beautiful outfits in your social mediawhich give their followers ideas to wear, for example today’s outfit, which is ideal for a slightly formal afternoon, but without losing style.

In addition to the fact that in the spring you can wear different clothes, such as shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, palazzos and cool cloth pants. We will keep you abreast of any news that arises on social networks, although remember that you can see it daily on television.

This during the transmission of the morning program Hoy or Netas Divinas, in which many of the users and fans are still doubtful of their participation, we can only see how it unfolds in the company of the other drivers who are talented and beautiful.

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