Galilea Montijo is the queen of style in blue and red

Galilea Montijo, who is known for taking risks when it comes to fashion clothing, once again wowed everyone with a leather skirt and a blouse with bat sleeves.

The “presenter“, Galilea Montijo, appeared in a new postcard with a blouse with large bat-style sleeves in blue, which she combined with a red leather skirt, an outfit that definitely stole several glances.

The “collaborator of variety and reality shows”, not only made an impact with her combination but also other details such as the footwear gave the extra touch to the look of the “best paid woman on Televisa”, without a doubt Montijo Torres made the most of her figure.

Galilea Montijo captivates in leather and bat sleeve blouse. Photo: Capture Instagram

The famous 48-year-old, who has served as the host of Hoy for more than 14 years, wore a pair of shoes in the style of espadrilles tied at her ankle, for which she also received various messages full of praise and praise.

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, shared the snapshot a day ago accompanied by a blue heart in which immediately, the “H model men” received various reactions, thanks to the model of his own clothing line: “Latingal boutique”.

Wow, wrote @aldorendon

Of impact, @taniarin mentioned

How pretty this look! Expressed @karlagomezr

I love, said @daniellemx

The “galisisters” would not be far behind and filled the morning presenter with other messages, who also appeared in productions such as “tv life“, “Little Giants”, “TVO”, among many others.

Uff but how beautiful, We love you skinny, Bella, I love the shoes!, Always beautiful, The prettiest, Always beautiful, Stylish, What a goddess, Beautiful, I love you, it is read in other comments left by users.

It is worth mentioning that Martha Galilea Montijo Torres is also one of the most acclaimed not only in entertainment, the “mexican youtuber” is one of the most popular Instagram celebrities with 9.5 million subscribers.

The “tv girl“, who ventured into acting in productions such as “El Premio Mayor”, “Loving you is my sin”, “The price of your love”, “The Hidden Truth”, among many others, accumulated a total of 50,575 likes in the publication .

The one born on June 5, 1973, would be captured by the corridors of Televisa, so without a doubt, the collaborator of “Plan V” (2018) would attract all the attention in her path.