Galilea Montijo poses as a mermaid and forgets about clothes

Galilee Montijo poses as a mermaid and forgets about clothes. The presenter of “Hoy” sets a trend in networks not only for showing off her curvaceous silhouette with striking outfits, which make her look spectacular at 49 years old, but also for sharing her ritual for good luck in the year.

The Televisa star shared a photo on her Instagram account where she looks like a beautiful mermaid with her lush hairwhile she is leaning on some rocks, which suggests that she is on the seashore tanning her skin.

What caught our attention is that, although she added a series of bracelets and necklaces to her outfit, Galilea Montijo forgot about clothes and posed in an Eva suit, while showing off her wasp back and waist.

Her followers wrote to her that she looks hot and beautiful, but they also asked her to return to the “Today” program, arguing that they miss her. With this black and white photograph, modeled on her, she made it clear why she is one of the most valued drivers in the country.

It becomes a trend for lentils

After the television host, Galilea Montijo, revealed in “Netas Divinas” the ritual she does to receive the New Year, hundreds of users put it into practice and it became a trend on social networks.

Montijo said on the program “I’m going to tell you how I do it: 12 at night, what grapes, what panties… Everywhere I go, they have seen me crazy.” He even said that when he celebrates in another country he doesn’t forget his lentils and performs the ritual.

Instead of eating 12 grapes, Galilea says that in order to have abundance, get a little pile of lentils and throws them into the air, but when he is finished he immediately picks them up and puts them in a small sack. Then he places them in his purse until he welcomes another year.

After revealing her infallible method to succeed, the famous Mexican from Jalisco managed to get hundreds of users to perform her ritual and then share it on social networks to the point of becoming trend.

Netizens presumed that they listened to Montijo and hope that his dream of having money and abundance. The star caused a lot of expectation because he said that they would remember her when her fortune was revealed.

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