Galilea Montijo shows off her elegance, models in white and gold

The beautiful driver of TV mexicanGalilea Montijo, is considered one of the most loved and liked by viewers, managing to reach even more audiences with her participation in the morning show of TV TODAY.

On this occasion we will be in charge of addressing a piece of entertainment that he shared through his stories, a very interesting section where he places extra content and where he also shows us in other different ways the nice outfits who gets to model

And it is that, as we know, the famous woman dedicates herself to promoting different products by collaborating with online stores, an activity that other artists are also carrying out, such as Maribel Guardiabeing one of the main ones in practicing this new modality of influencers.

On this occasion, the actress was also wearing a dress White with golden detailsa very interesting and elegant design that made the camera shine that was recording it directly in the forum where they record the morning program of the famous television station.

There is no doubt that her silhouette becomes impressive for her admirers, who take advantage of every second of the clip to enjoy the presence of the tapatiawho of course did not stop showing off.


Galilea Montijo / Instagram

Galilea Montijo also recorded a video wearing this beautiful dress.

Tens of thousands of people have enjoyed said content, Galilea Montijo also has a sense of humor and such a cute and friendly personality that she literally conquers Internet users and of course also the viewers who got to know her when she started hosting Vida TV.

Let’s remember when the famous “colofox” became fashionable, she was a large part of the responsibility for that creation, it is something that continues to be remembered to this day, although of course he is the star and has not stopped collecting achievements and to participate in various programs.

Gali has managed to conduct some contests like little giants and many others, in Show News we will continue to share all the interesting things about this famous woman and many others, show news, entertainment and more, don’t miss it.