Galilea Montijo was about to hit Lilí Brillanti: “I’m from the neighborhood and one learns to defend oneself”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Galilea Montijo Y Lili Brillanti They were co-workers on Vida TV, however, their relationship was full of disturbances and about to come to blows.

That’s how he revealed it Lili Brillanti during an interview on the program ‘Se lo dijo’ by Miguel Díaz.

“She becomes Cuauhtémoc’s girlfriend, Big Brother wins and the charisma, beauty she has, everything came together and went to the clouds. I don’t know if I saw her on camera or what happened and she told me something like that that she didn’t hit me because I knew my parents and respected them,” he said.

Brillanti revealed that she was very afraid of the treatment of Guadalajara towards her, but at that time she was “immature” to know how to defend herself in the media.

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‘I did confront her’

Faced with the accusations, Galilea Montijo He took advantage of a meeting with the press to explain his version of events and assured that at no time did he consider the former presenter of “Venga la Alegría” as his friend due to several leaks that emerged at that time.

“After so much, there came a time when I did confront her, and you know that one comes from the neighborhood; I am from the neighborhood and in the neighborhood one learns to defend oneself, and I will always defend myself, with fame, without fame, with money, without money. Until one day I told her: ‘Let’s have, teacher, or we’ll fix it, or we’ll fix it,’ said the presenter of ‘Hoy’.

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Montijo He assured that his partner’s response bothered him and he was about to hit her, but decided not to do so so as not to fall into his “game”.

“He would come up to me and put his face on me. He put his face on me and said: ‘Hit me, come on, hit me’. And I remember that I even buried my nails, at that time if I had acrylic nails, I said ‘My God, please, I have to put up with it!'”, he recalled.

Although they never struck up a friendship, the relationship between the two drivers improved, which is why Montijo did not understand the fact that Lilí told what happened twenty years later. “I don’t know with what intention I did it… the other day I was remembering and I said ‘oh, what happened 20 years ago?, because I don’t have it in my mind, nor am I with it all day, ” concluded.

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