Galilea Montijo, wear the clothes you want this season

Galilea Montijo not only stands out for being one of the most popular drivers, her love of fashion manages to attract attention, as happened on this new occasion with a print that added to her figure and was the most outstanding.

the charismatic TV presenterGalilea Montijo, has won the hearts of many not only for her participation in past programs such as “Vida Tv” and “Little gigants“, among others, but in the posts you share from your Instagram account.

The famous 48-year-old captivates everyone in a parade where she not only shows off her slender silhouette but also promotes the garments that the public can find either in the physical store or from the Latingal Boutique website.

Galilea Montijo in checkered look, was a crush on photo. Photo: Capture Instagram

On this occasion, the “H model men” She opted for a square outfit in its entirety with a light sweater under which she wore a top that allowed her flat abdomen to be appreciated, which made up a whole set together with a short skirt.

The “former beauty contestant” who rose to fame after winning the “Girl Tv” contest, opted for a set of garments from the “Urban Styles” category with a cost of 1,480 pesos and which has the option of choosing it in black or pink .

In her case, Martha Galilea Montijo Torres opted for black, which she also combined with mid-calf platform boots that, together with the entire outfit, made her look “TV actressLike a whole young girl.

Ahh but how divine the net, commented his colleague, Tania Rincón

What a beautiful sister, reads one of the reactions by @kimberly_lamaspreciosa

They were some of the first messages dedicated to the new member of the “Netas divinas” program, which Montijo Torres recently joined.

The jovial “tapatia” figure with her hair loose with semi-marked waves and a part of her hair gathered in front in a high bun which lengthened her face much more.

The postcard shared 22 hours ago from the official account of the popular “instagram celebrityWith 9.6 million subscribers, he accumulated a total of 34,495 likes.

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