Galilea Montijo’s ritual with LENTILS for abundance in the New Year

Who wouldn’t want to have a year full of economic abundance, health and love, which is why every year there are rituals that supposedly help to achieve it, such as the one performed by Galilea Montijo.

The presenter recommends the ritual that she does when receiving the New Year, and where she only uses lentils and a lot of faith. In the “Hoy” program, she had already told it, so it really shows that it is a ritual that the Jalisco performs.

It consists of throwing lentils, picking them up from the ground, and keeping a little in the bag or purse, inside a red bag, throughout the year. Apparently it is so effective that Galilea Montijo said that those who do it will remember it because it really works.

The same recipe went viral on TikTok, but because of a video where Galilea Montijo shared the ritual in ‘Netas divinas’.

Now many want to replicate the ritual of abundance, and there are those who are baptized as #TeamLentels, that is, they hope to throw the lentils so that the money arrives in lots.

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