Galy Galiano’s daughter spoke of the moments of anguish she lived with her mother in Santa Marta

Last Thursday, December 29, the famous ranchera music singer Galy Galiano reported through his Instagram account that his wife and youngest daughter were victims of attempted murder and alleged attempted kidnapping in the city of Santa Marta.

“I am writing to you today, December 29, 2022, to make a public complaint. Today, in the city of Santa Marta, my wife and my youngest daughter were victims of attempted homicide and alleged attempted kidnapping.”, stated the interpreter of I drank your memory.

Likewise, the singer assured that “the respective complaints are already being filed with the National Police and the Dijín, who have collaborated with us and I add this published complaint to ensure that justice is done.”

Some time later, the Santa Marta Metropolitan Police confirmed that the singer’s wife and daughter were victims of theft, but not kidnapping.

“They moved with a group of people to a stream and there they were approached by four men, who stole a cell phone and a piece of jewelry from one of the victims.”indicates a fragment of the report.

However, Vanessa Galiano, the artist’s daughter, also gave the version of what happened: “They told both of us to keep quiet or they would kill us; however, I screamed and many people came to help us”.

In addition, she added that the criminals began to attack them, “I saw when they were taking my mother and I did not understand why, I had already given them all my valuables and they left, and they wanted to take my mom”, he asserted.

For now, the relatives of Galy Galiano are concerned, since on different occasions they have stated that they have been threatened because of extortion.

Similarly, the Santa Marta Metropolitan Police indicated that it is clarifying the facts, in order to find the whereabouts of the suspects.

Galy Galiano denies her retirement from the stage

It is worth saying that these days, the native of Chiriguaná, is at the Cali Fair, where he performed on Friday, December 30, to later pack his suitcases and take his greatest hits to the Festival of Blacks and Whites in Pasto.

Since he became the first Colombian artist to appear on a Billboard magazine list, and he gained fame with songs like La cita, Dos corazón, Who understands this love and I drank your memory, Galiano, now 64 years old, has he has walked at will through rhythms that seem to not have much in common. From salsa to northern music, from boleros to the so-called spite music.

Notorious figure of the 90s, this son of Chiriguaná, Cesar, has been able to reissue himself in the taste of the people and launch his usual classics with fashionable artists, such as the one he recently presented together with the popular music star Jessi Uribe —Quote and with new talents such as Marlon Arenas, with whom he recorded a version of Small motel.

“Even if it is a new version, I always look for the most important thing: that the song does not lose its essence. That’s why the new generations connect with these songs of mine that were in fashion for so long,” says the artist.

The artist spoke with WEEK about whether he has thought about retirement and the musical project he is preparing for 2023 with various singers.

“We have a musical project so far a little secret. And as a prelude to this great project, we are going to do a series of releases, duets with artists and we started with that from the month of January. And between January and February we will come out with the first song, which is a duet with my compadre Jhonny Rivera from the song Two hearts”he expressed.