Game of Lies | Release date, cast, synopsis and where to see on TV and streaming

Telemundo is betting on a great production for 2023. It is “Juego de Mentiras”, a thriller that has just completed its recordings in Miami and that will soon be able to be seen on television.

The new telenovela marks the debut on the network of Altair Jarabo and Cynthia Klitbo, who are accompanied by a luxury cast.

The series stars Arap Bethke; Altari Jarabo and Maria Elisa Camargo. The cast also includes Rodrigo Guirao; Eduardo Yáñez, Camila Núñez, Cynthia Klitbo. Also: Patricio Gallardo, Alicia Machado, Alberto Casanova, Pepe Gámez, Gabriela Vergara, Beatriz Valdés, María Laura Quintero and Bárbara Garófalo, with the special participation of Aylín Mújica.

The plot of this new super production is centered on the disappearance of Adriana Molina while her husband César Ferrer is the main suspect in her possible murder. In this context, the man must find a way to keep his 8-year-old daughter from being taken away from him and since then he decides to take the investigation into his own hands.

The series will be screened on the Telemundo channel on television; and via streaming you can follow the story through the Telemundo website; although it has not yet been confirmed, it can probably be seen on the platform Peacockwhich is accessed by clicking on the upper right margin of the mentioned website (with prior subscription