Game of Thrones: bad news for those who love House of the Dragon and are waiting for other spin-offs

In the world of series, competition is fierce and even those that manage to achieve unanimity like Game Of Thrones (GOT) sometimes have a tough life. The creators of GOTwhose first episode aired in 2011, launched into spin-off announcements after its last episode aired on HBO in 2019. Unfortunately, after the very good first season of the series house of the dragon, centered on the Targaryen family, the future of the latter seems increasingly condemned to the cold of winter according to George RR Martinthe creator of this universe.

“Two or three were put aside, but I wouldn’t say they died”

Through a post on his blog, the 74-year-old writer first indicated that his “head was soon going to explode” as he was working on so many things. In addition to being in the middle of writing the sequel to GOT with The Winds of Winter, George RRMartin explains that he is working on House of the Dragon season 2 but also on “several spin-offs” that he is developing with HBO. If until then the information came “simply” to confirm certain rumors and inform on the progress of his work, the rest of his message dives deeper into the future of his spin-offs.

“Some move faster than others, as is often the case in the development stage. None have been validated yet, but we hope that will be the case. Two or three were put aside, but I wouldn’t say they died. You can put something aside as quickly as you can take it back. All the changes of HBO Max have naturally impacted us”, indicates George RR Martin. When the author mentions the changes to HBO Max, he echoes the setbacks of Warner Bros Discovery, which has been in substantial economic uncertainty for several months. Although thus preventing the firm from producing all the projects of the author of Game Of Thronesthis uncertainty should in no way call into question the release of season 2 of House of the Dragon as well as the upcoming announcement of the series centered on Jon Snow.


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