Gaspard Ulliel: His son Orso in superhero mode with his mother Gaëlle Pietri

The widow of Gaspard ulliel, Gaelle Pietri, gave his news on social networks. Silent since the terrible accident which caused the death of her ex-companion last January, the young woman shared a photo of her son Orso, 6 years old, who was celebrating, it seems, Shrove Tuesday.

While the young mother experienced very dark times at the start of the year with the tragic skiing accident of her ex-companion at the alpine resort of La Rosière. The latter, who was not wearing a protective helmet, had hit another skier head-on. The world of cinema had paid tribute to Gaspard Ulliel at the Saint-Eustache church where the funeral took place. The actor left behind his companion Gaelle Pietri and his son, little Orso, who therefore appeared on his mother’s Instagram page this Thursday, March 24. Indeed, the young boy wore a superhero Batman costume in a photo shared in the story. What to imagine that the picture was taken during a celebration of Mardi Gras! “My hero” commented the young mother, on the photo of her son in costume in the middle of other children, who seems to admire the strength of her son’s resistance in this tragic period (see slideshow).

Discreet on Instagram, Gaelle Pietri spoke in February to promote one of the causes that most affected the actor who died at 37. “Gaspard was a diver, sensitive to climate issues and concerned about the protection of underwater biodiversity, he would have liked the momentum aroused by his disappearance to go to the defense of these causes that were close to his heart.” could we read on the account of Orso’s mother. At the beginning of March, the mother and the son had left the grayness of Paris and had flown to Cuba in order to take a step back and rest after this ordeal if difficult that upset the whole of France.