Gears of War Rumor: Coming Soon to the Remaster Collection?

Updated on 05/16/2022 at 2:14 p.m

  • An XboxEra podcast claims that a remaster collection of the Gears of War series will be released later this year.
  • The upcoming joint Xbox & Bethesda Showcase is said to reveal details.

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A remastered collection of the cover shooter series Gears of War is due for release later this year. At least that’s what the podcast episode 109 of “XboxEra” claims (from minute 43:30).

The Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase on June 12, it said, would showcase the revamped titles in detail. The collection should resemble the successful Master Chief Collection concept for Microsoft’s exclusive title “Halo”.

truth or rumor?

This information can still only be seen as a rumor, because the makers of “XboxEra” have already distinguished themselves as industry insiders whose forecasts were precise. However, other supposed leaks had also turned out to be false. The E3 showcase from Bethesda and Xbox on June 12 on YouTube and Twitch will probably bring clarity.

What speaks for the thesis: The release of the upcoming sixth “Gears of War” part, which is to be implemented with the Unreal Engine 5, is still a long way off.

In this respect, a remaster collection would be a clever strategy to bridge the waiting time and remind you of your own brand – just like the Master Chief Collection did as an appetizer for “Halo Infinite”.
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