Geissens daughter Davina injured in severe car fire

Davina Geiss (19), the eldest daughter of Robert (58) and Carmen (57) Geiss, is still shocked: As she reports on Instagram, her Porsche GT3 is said to have caught fire suddenly and without reason. The vehicle even exploded, reports the reality TV subsidiary on social media.

She herself was then treated in the hospital for five hours and had to be supplied with oxygen because she had suffered smoke inhalation: “I thank God that I’m still alive. But mom and dad, I’m fine again, only the shock is still deep, »writes Davina in her story.

The fact that the aspiring designer informs her family via Instagram is probably due to the fact that Robert, Carmen and Shania (18) Geiss are currently in Dubai. Davina’s accident happened in Monaco.

The Geissens are fans of expensive cars – so the Porsche GT3 also belonged to Papa Robert. He was stunned when he commented on pictures of the completely burned-out car: “My brand-new GT3 from Porsche just went up in smoke. How something like this can happen is a mystery to me. But the most important thing is that nothing happened to you, my dear. You reacted great. Dad is proud of you because it could have turned out differently.

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