Geissens grandpa Reinhold angry because of 1900 euros expensive shoes from Davina

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Geissens grandpa Reinhold angry because of 1900 euros expensive shoes from Davina
Geissens grandpa is horrified when he learns the price of the shoes. (Photo collage) © Screenshots RTL/RTL+/Davina & Shania – We love Monaco

The Geissens are currently in Spain with Robert’s father. When Davina shows up in suede shoes, Grandpa Reinhold can’t believe it: the shoes cost 1,900 euros.

Monaco – The two daughters of Robert (58) and Carmen Geiss (57), Davina (18) and Shania (17), have had their own series for some time. In “Davina & Shania – We love Monaco” (all information about the RTL2 series) they show their jet set life. When Grandpa Reinhold Geiss (80), Robert’s father, stopped by, he couldn’t believe how much granddaughter Davina spent on her shoes.

Davina Geiss wears “slippers” for 1900 euros

“Are you wearing your slippers?” Grandpa Reinhold asks when he meets Davina Geiss (all about Robert and Carmen’s daughter) in front of the house. The Geissens are currently vacationing in Spain and Davina is wearing dark brown suede sneakers for the upcoming trip. Grandpa Geiss explains that he saw something like that recently, “Something like that costs 17, or not even 9.95 euros.”

Davina Geiss with her
Davina Geiss with her “slippers” next to Grandpa Geiss. © Screenshot RTL/RTL+/Davina & Shania – We love Monaco

“What did they cost?” the curious goat wants to know. In any case, he did not expect the answer of 1900 euros. With a raised index finger, he warns: “Don’t tell grandpa the bluff.”

“That’s where it ends for me”: Geissens-Grandpa Reinhold angry because of 1900 euros expensive shoes by Davina Geiss

“They have developed insanely, but also in a direction that was not so extreme before. With the shoes. If you think about the shoes, and so on,” says Reinhold Geiss in front of the RTL2 camera about the expensive footwear. Then he adds: “I have to honestly say that’s where it ends for me because I couldn’t afford it. I would never buy one either, sorry.”

Recently, the two Geiss daughters got into a lot of trouble at home. “Get out of the house,” they said. The Geissens were pissed off because Shania and Davina forgot Robert’s birthday. Sources used: & Shania – We love Monaco