George, Charlotte and Louis, who joined you for the Platinum Jubilee?

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee could not have been emotional, with four days of events in which the Royal Family came together to celebrate with their people, you could see the feeling of union and pride in the representation that the monarch has offered in the last 70 years. If the great protagonist of these celebrations was the Queen, she has wanted to share the spotlight with the most tender members of the family. With a nostalgic feeling of continuity and a marked importance to the line of succession, although her children and grandchildren were present at all times, it was her great-grandchildren who, like never before, appeared in the front row of the most important commitments. . The chaos of this image makes something clear, the Windsor children love each other and grow up together, maintaining a close relationship that is lived behind closed doors and that this time was simply exposed. The images could not be more tender, hugs and affection between Mia Tindall and Princess Charlotte, Savannah Phillips as the orchestrator of mischief and even the debut of little August who had never been seen in public until now. Far from the protocols and formalities, each moment starring the little ones was endearing, because that type of affection cannot be faked at such a young age.