Georgina Rodríguez reveals the name of her daughter in the networks

After the sad announcement about the death of one of his twins, Georgina Rodriguez took some time off social networks, something unusual in the famous couple of the soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. It was on Saturday, two weeks after the tragedy, that the mother just returned to virtuality to introduce the new member of her family and reveal her name that they chose for her.

beautiful emerald”, wrote the 28-year-old Argentine influencer, along with the little girl’s date of birth and three super cute photos. Such was the madness for the baby that in less than four hours the photos have more than five million hearts.

Before, it was because of Cristiano Ronaldo that the followers of the popular couple were able to confirm that Georgina and the baby were out of danger.

“Gio and our little girl are finally with us. We want to thank everyone for their gestures and kind words. Your support is very important and we have all felt the love and respect you have for our family. Now is the time to give thanks for the life we ​​have just welcomed into this world.”

Bella Esmeralda will be the younger sister of Alana Martina (4), the twins Eve and Matthew (4) and Christian jr. (eleven).