Georgina Rodríguez shows her luxurious gifts from Santa Claus

    The night of December 24 is one of the most special of the year. Gatherings with family and friends, the house decorated for Christmas and the enthusiasm of the little ones are protagonists during this season. Without forgetting the gifts, of course. While we all rest, Santa Claus works to make us happy the next day. Of course, if we have behaved well. On the list of people who have been good this year is, without a doubt, Georgina Rodriguez.

    The ‘influencer’ has gone ahead and has shared a video through Instagram stories in which she shows her Christmas gifts. The sheer number of gifts is astonishing, but may they all be of luxury firms It has made us hallucinate even more. “Dear Santa… who’s been good this year?” Georgina wonders. What we are clear about is that if all the gifts are for her, the ‘celebrity’ has behaved phenomenally this year.

    georgina rodriguez christmas gifts


    beauty and fashion They are not missing among their favorite gifts, as Georgina told us a year ago and as we have seen in her latest video. And it is that the ‘influencer’ always surprises us with the most sophisticated and comfortable ‘looks’ such as the dress that enhances the curves or the sequined dress with an opening, in addition to wearing the most flattering manicures. Now we can’t wait to see what all those boxes hold…