Gérald Darmanin: his behavior in the National Assembly denounced by a deputy

This Wednesday, January 25, the minister of the Interior and overseas shocked a deputy. Karine Lebon, by her name, part of the group of the Democratic and Republican Left (GDR) and the Nupes coalition, pushed a rant on her Twitter account. The 37-year-old woman has posted a photo of the state of his seat in the National Assembly, in denouncing the behavior of pillar of macronie.

“Tell me, Gérald Darmanin, if I believe the name on the envelope in my office, you were sitting in my place yesterday during Questions to the Government”she first launched in the caption of her publication, before referring to the papers and the pen lying around her seat. “The trash can was too far away? Can’t find the way?”, reproached Karine Lebon with irony to the Minister of the Interior. The least we can say is that the tweet made people react. “It’s going to be fine… There are cleaning ladies. Limit, it doesn’t even surprise me. Zero respect for the Human”commented a user, cash, taking up the formula used Gerald Darmanin in front of the BFMTV journalist Apolline de Malherbe.

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A minister whose mother is herself a cleaning lady

Another Twitter user was indignant at the minister’s behavior in the National Assembly, especially since his own mother is a cleaning lady. “It’s a government of welfare. The proof is there. A lazy”, “He even despises his colleagues, it’s Macronie in all its ugliness”, “In France the ministers have so many civil servants at their service (drivers, cooks, [personnel de] housework […] that they have lost the sense of reality”, can we also read under the tweet of MP Karine Lebon. Internet users have also reversed the reproaches made by the politician by wondering why this one was not “at [sa] place, working” alongside his colleagues in the hemicycle, the day before.

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