Gérald de Palmas very discreet: Nagui’s foot call for a return of the singer

Nagui appealed to Gérald de Palmas on the set of Don’t forget the lyrics this Thursday, June 9. He would like the singer to return to the front of the stage.

Nagui has hosted the show for several years Do not forget the lyrics. In it, the contestants chain themselves in order to get the money microphone and win a large sum of money. For this they must sing and find the missing words of the song they have chosen. This Thursday, June 9, it is Kaël, the new maestro, who opted for the category “Falling in love”. In it was a song by Gérald de Palmas. The opportunity for Nagui to challenge the singer, who has been very discreet for a few years. “Personal message to him: Gérald, it’s when you want to make a new album“, he launched before continuing: “We love you, we are waiting for this“. Determined that this message be heard, the host insisted by affirming again: “That’s when you want“. Will Gerald de Palmas return soon?

On the road, Only one life or I’m still dreaming of it are hits that we owe to Gérald de Palmas. Since 2016, the singer is very discreet and stays away from media coverage. When he left the metropolis, it was in Reunion, his native island, that he wanted to settle. “I rest, I play sports, I go out, I have dinner with friends, I live love stories and I welcome my children there.“, he explained in our columns a few years ago. Subsequently, he had mentioned his fears at the idea of ​​​​leaving the capital. “At the beginning of my career, I was very afraid to move away from Paris because I was afraid of missing out on opportunities”, he remembered before specifying: “But after my forties, I felt the need to come back to my island. I’ve never been very showbiz, I don’t miss it too much.

Gérald de Palmas: has he already mentioned his musical career?

If Gérald de Palmas is discreet, his fans have never forgotten him and hope that he will come back very soon with an album. In our columns, he had assured that he did not want to stop the music. “I had moments of doubt where for a month I was doing something totally different, like painting, but I always came back to music“, he said. Has he changed his mind since? Or does he take advantage of his very long break to compose songs?