Geraldine Bazán turns 40 and her mother sends her an emotional message

Gerladine Bazán has been celebrating her 40th birthday for a week. The actress has met with friends, colleagues and family at different events and in fact the celebration will last until the second week of February, when she joins the festivities of her daughters Elissa Marie and Miranda.

On the occasion of her birthday, Geraldine’s mother, Rosalba Ortiz, shared a message in which she recalled some of her most important achievements: “She has been a film, theater, and television actress since 1988, and also in TV shows and series, a founding member of Mujeres en Cinema and TV AC. and members of ANDA and ANDI”, wrote Rosalba, who has been a fundamental part in building Bazán’s career.

In the text, Rosalba announces that Gerladine announces that there will be a second season of the series “Secreto de Villanas” in addition to her participation in theater with the monologue “We do it better”

Rosalba Ortiz’s text ends with an emotional message: “My God, how fast time flies.”

Ortiz has always been close to her daughter’s career to the point that Gerladine has spoken that it was thanks to her mother that she was saved from being involved in a casting with Sergio Andrade, since she accompanied her all the time and took her out of the house where the test would be done because he felt that “there was something strange”.

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