Geraldine Bazán was angry with a friend for a joke he made with her bikini

Geraldine Bazán was the victim of a joke by one of her closest friends, which caused her great anger and everything was recorded on social networks.

Gabriel Soto’s ex traveled to Miami to enjoy its incredible beaches and stayed at the Soho Beach House hotel with his friend Federico Díaz, who decided to show on his Instagram how tanned the actress was and for that he raised the part a little She lowers her bikini, revealing a little bit of her buttocks, which were very red.

Given this, the member of Corona de Lágrimas 2 disagreed and slapped him on the hand, a sign that was enough for the young man to stop his joke, although he had time to call her “La tomatita”, in front of the thousands of followers What does the Uruguayan have?

Despite the fact that many users thought that Bazán was really angry, the truth is that what happened reflected the complicity that both have and then continued to have fun with the other people who accompanied them, as could be seen in different publications.

Now the Mexican returned to her country to accompany her daughters Miranda and Elissa in the school activities they have.