Geraldine Bazán’s mother affirms that Alejandro Nones does not like her for the actress’s boyfriend | Famous

Although it has been rumored for weeks that Bazán and Nones began a relationship after starting the recordings of the sequel to the telenovela ‘Corona de Lágrimas’, neither has confirmed it.

For this reason, last week Ortiz was asked if Geraldine had already introduced Nones as her partner, to which she replied that he is just “a suitor.”

Picking up the subject a couple of days ago, Geraldine’s mom revealed that she doesn’t really like the 39-year-old actor or any of the other men who are pursuing her daughter.

“No, I don’t like anyone. When you’re a mom, you don’t like any suitor,” Ortiz kindly told reporters from various media outlets.

Rosalba Ortiz would not support Geraldine Bazán if she formalizes with Alejando Nones?

Despite the fact that she has previously indicated that she respects Geraldine’s decisions, on this occasion Rosalba Ortiz stated that she does not plan to support her if she decides to formalize a relationship with Alejandro Nones.

When a reporter from Televisa asked him: “If Geraldine formalizes, would you agree to support her?” Ortiz surprisingly shook his head from left to right indicating no.

“She will know, she is smart enough. (Moms have a) sixth sense, me too, but I keep it to myself, “added Rosalba when questioned if she does not like Nones for her daughter.

Geraldine’s mother later indicated that she does not give “no one approval”, since it is her daughter who “must decide” about the men with whom she establishes a relationship.

Geraldine Bazán is not affected by the rumors about her love life

After TVNotas published videos and photos in which Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones are allegedly romantically together, she announced that she does not feel affected.

“I’ve been through this kind of thing many times and no, the truth is that it affects me less and less and I don’t even see them,” said the actress in an interview with Despierta América on May 4.

Bazán, who was married to Gabriel Soto for more than two years, pointed out that these types of reports are not important in her life and that she gives “value to what really” has it.

Likewise, the actress from Corona de Lágrimas made it clear that there are aspects of her personal life that she does not intend to talk about, despite the fact that they say “that’s how show business is”.

“Generating controversy and jiribilla is part of his job, but [con] there also comes a time when you know what you want to answer and what you don’t… but you have to be very clear about who you are,” he said.