Geraldine Bazán’s mother, Rosalba Ortiz, said that her daughter moved away from her father because she did not want to be paid for her time | Famous

Mrs. Rosalba is not afraid to express her feelings and opinions before the press. In several of her interviews, she gives details about her daughter’s life and in her most recent public talk she spoke a little about Geraldine’s father, Mr. Manuel Antonio Bazán Canabal.

The reason why Geraldine Bazán moved away from her father

“If something doesn’t work, why do you want to have a partner with whom you are not going to agree in terms of education, finances, time. And yes, I made the decision to continue life with my children [sola]”.

At no time did he encourage Ángel and Geraldine to end their relationship with their respective parents, he even encouraged them to have constant contact with them.

“I remember saying to my daughter, ‘Talk to your dad it’s his birthday, it’s Christmas, New Years’ and he did talk to him”.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the parent-child relationship came to an end. “It was their decision. [de mis hijos]”, Rosalba recounted.

In this sense, Mrs. Ortiz delved a little more into why Geraldine chose to move away from her father.

“There came a time when she told me ‘Mom, men demand their responsibility when they pay, when they are providers. If they don’t give, they go around making other families and other relationships. So I was not interested in being paid for my time, silence and peace of mind.”

Although there is currently no close relationship with the parents of her children, Rosalba Ortiz said that they do know where they are currently.

“Geraldine’s father lives in Guadalajara, and Ángel’s lives in the United States.”

As a single mom, Mrs. Ortiz was completely dedicated to raising her children and supporting them at all times.

“It took me a long time to be with her [Geraldine]. Go to castings, come, go to interviews, come back, work. I remember. I don’t know now how she did it. Before we did not have social networks, WhatsApp or cell phone”.

Being at the foot of the canyon throughout her daughter’s artistic career has certainly paid off.

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