Gérard Lenorman suffering from a terrible disease? His relatives informed of sad news

A terrible illness would currently strike Gérard Lenorman according to the magazine France Dimanche. The 77-year-old singer would have even already informed his relatives of the sad news. We tell you that!

Journalist for your front page / You can write anything you want / I offer you a great title / The ballad of happy people », sang Gérard Lenorman with a certain recklessness in 1975. Today, however, it is very sad news that the journalists of France Sunday. According to the magazine, the 77-year-old artist suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. A real upheaval in the life of Gérard Lenorman who nevertheless seems to manage to manage this neurodegenerative disease, as evidenced by his numerous public appearances

After the release in stores of his new album The taste of happiness last year, the singer indeed performed several concerts throughout the months of March, April and May. A moment of pure happiness following long months of confinement, health restrictions and cascading cancellations. This long-awaited comeback by his millions of fans in France and Navarre should be compromised by the sad news that Lenorman has already informed his relatives. A painful but necessary confidence that he would have made to his four children, Mathieu, Justine, Clémence and Victor.

The fight has only just begun for Gérard Lenorman

A tough fight awaits Gérard Lenorman. If we have been able to see him singing and dancing with enthusiasm on stage in Belgium in recent weeks, the septuagenarian singer who has promised other concerts to his fans should in particular expect to fight against memory lapses, a symptom all the more more complicated in a profession where the memorization of texts occupies a central place. There is no doubt, however, about the iron will of Gerard Lenorman : the artist survived a “ terrible road accident » aboard a « Rotten Renault 4 Horses » who left him between life and death when he was 18. A small miracle that he never forgot.