Gérard Majax surprise guest of the debate between the two towers: this crazy consequence on the daily life of the magician

Emmanuel Macron quoted Gérard Majax during the debate between the two rounds. A surprise for the magician who was in front of his television, as he told in C to you, this Thursday, April 21.

It was the surprise guest of debate between roundsthis Wednesday, April 20: Emmanuel Macron quoted Gérard Majax in one of his punchlines sent to his competitor, Marine Le Pen. It’s not Gérard Majax tonightwe are talking about lives behind the lives of our merchants, our artisans, that’s the Covid debt, you voted against!, launched the candidate president. An unexpected highlight for the star magician from the 1970s to the 1990s which was in front of his television at that time, as he told on the show It’s up to youbroadcast this Thursday, April 21, on France 5.

I was dozing a bit at that timebecause unemployment does not concern me and then I hear my name and it woke me up, says Gérard Magax. And to continue: “I said to myself: ‘it looks like but it is not possible that it is me.’ An intervention by the president-candidate which is not without consequence for the famous magician since since this debate, his phone keeps ringing. “It’s very funny because when you are called like that in relation to an event which is a non-event in fact in relation to my art or my talent if I have one. It’s strange to be called from all sides because, simply, you have been named!says Gérard Magax.

Phone call from Emmanuel Macron to Gérard Magax: “I thought it was Laurent Gerra, my imitator friend”

Among these many phone calls, there were also that of the President of the Republic. I thought it was Laurent Gerra, my impersonator friend, But no ! It was very nice, he said to me: ‘I’m sorry to have brought you into my debate.’ An intervention which apparently was absolutely not prepared by Emmanuel Macron as the magician reports: “He said to me: ‘I had, all of a sudden the intuition of talking about a magical effect compared to my remarks before and then your name came to me like that!'”


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