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A new chapter is written in the well-known separation between Gerard Piqué and Shakira. The Spanish press indicates that the FC Barcelona footballer would have made a romantic trip to Dubai with “his special friend” of him, the woman with whom he allegedly cheated on Shakira.

According to journalist Laura Fa, who spoke on the Mamarazzis podcast, an airport employee saw Piqué last Saturday morning on a flight from Dubai and that he was accompanied by “a blonde girl.”

“Someone who works at the Barcelona-El Prat airport comments that the Barça footballer, Gerard Piqué, arrived at the airport from Dubai on Saturday at 8:20 am. The defender traveled with a ‘blonde girl’ in Emirates business class instead of by private flight. revealed the journalist.

Do Shakira’s children already know who would be Gerar Piqué’s new partner?

For her part, Lorena Vázque, co-host of the space, commented that Gerard Piqué attended the Balloon World Cup – an event organized by his company together with Ibai Llanos – together with his children and would have met who would be his new partner.

“On this occasion Piqué’s ‘special friend’ was also found, who dressed in black and could be seen talking to the children of Shakira and Piqué. At no time did they hide and that she was not working on that event that day, but she attended because of the good relationship with him and with the Kosmos colleagues ”, Vazquez pointed out.

Likewise, the journalist added that Piqué and “the blonde girl”, as the alleged woman with whom the central defender had an affair while having a relationship with Shakira, is known, took advantage of this trip to discuss various labor issues, since the young woman works in the Barcelona player’s company.

“She spent a couple of days with the teleworking modality to avoid the presence of journalists or someone taking photos of them. The rest of the workers have her as another companion. While the group of friends who go out partying with Piqué, they would have affirmed that before he was not so close to her, but now he is “, commented.


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