Gerard Piqué becomes inseparable with his girlfriend “C”: The mysterious blonde already knows Milan and Sasha and they were seen sharing at the Balloon World Cup where Shakira was not invited | People | Entertainment

Gerard Piqué is determined to continue his path away from Shakira. The Spanish soccer player continues to give something to talk about after his breakup with the singer, by appearing with his “new girlfriend” without fear of gossip or comments.

The Spanish press, the player himself and his relatives “protect” the identity of the mysterious young woman, of whom only the color of her hair and the initial of her name, “C”, are known. However, it is already known that the relationship began months ago and that it is common to see them in Barcelona.

The “Mamarazzis” of the newspaper El Periódico, from their podcast, gave away new details of the romance that the athlete maintains, after he decided to end the relationship he had for 12 years with the interpreter of “Te Felicito”.

Gerard Piqué is seen with his “new girlfriend” and his children at the Balloon World Cup 2022

Shakira monopolized all the flashes in 2021, arriving with a outfits very daring and youthful to the event that her husband created. For the first time, the Balloon World Cup was held, an idea that was born from a conversation between the Catalan businessman and the influencer Ibai Llanos.

And it was the Barranquilla artist herself who, in an Instagram video, showed what the balloon competition attended by 32 countries was about, and in which her children also took their place.

But this time, in the 2022 edition, there was no invitation for Shakira. And instead of her, Piqué was seen with his “special friend”, the employee of his company Kosmos.

This was confirmed by Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez from their podcast, reporting that the blonde that many are talking about wore a outfits black and at the sporting event he was seen talking with the children of the music superstar, Milan and Sasha.

In this way, they interpreted that it is one more step in the special relationship they live, by already sharing with the little ones during the event held at the Fira de Barcelona-Gran Via.

“On this occasion Piqué’s ‘special friend’ was also found, who dressed in black and could be seen talking to the children of Shakira and Piqué. At no time did they hide and that she was not working on that event that day, but she attended because of the good relationship with him and with the Kosmos colleagues, ”said Vázquez.

The journalists made it clear that she is a common worker at Piqué’s company, so they ruled out what is said in the press, referring to the fact that she is not “his right hand”, but just another employee.

“The young woman went from working as a waitress at La Traviesa (a bar in Barcelona) to Piqué’s company, but not being his right hand, nor did she replace anyone in the company. Lately, several positions were created in the firm because she grew a lot. She works in a department of Kosmos, where a large part of the staff is made up of friends of Piqué, ”she mentioned.

They stated that he is a talent that recently joined Kosmos, and that both have tried to maintain a “discreet” relationship at work.

They said that before the event, the culé player traveled to Dubai in his company and for work reasons, and that’s how he was seen when he arrived last Saturday, July 2 at 8 in the morning, together with the girl at Barcelona’s El Prat airport.

They reported that Piqué again chose to fly on a commercial airline, in Emirates business class, and a worker who is close to the Colombian’s ex, assured that the young woman is his girlfriend.

Vásquez gave more details of the trip and the discretion that the couple handled. “She spent a couple of days with the teleworking modality to avoid the presence of journalists or someone taking photos of them. The rest of the workers have her as another companion. While the group of friends who go out partying with Piqué, they would have affirmed that before he was not so close to her, but now he is.

There is still no photograph of the young “C”, so the Barca defender is discreet in that regard, by not providing any graphic evidence of his infidelity towards his ex. (AND)

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