Gerard Piqué broke the silence and told why he has not married Shakira

The Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira have one of the longest-lasting relationships in entertainment worldwide; With 12 years together and two children, they have become an example of stable celebrity couples.

For several years it has been rumored why the couple has not gone to the altar, since, despite being together for so many years, Piqué has never been seen on his knees.

In an interview with the English journalist Gary Neville for his YouTube channel ‘The Overlap’, the soccer player decided to talk about it and cleared up the doubt.

The journalist was talking to him precisely about what his daily routine was like at home and it was at that moment that the question arose as to why they were not married. “I like how we are now. We have two children, we function well as a couple. We don’t need to be married,” Pique said.

Amid the laughter, the journalist asked him if Shakira had ever asked him to propose to her, but he said no, that he had never talked about it. “If she had, she would tell you. I have no problem talking about it, but it is not the case,” he stated.

In addition, Piqué told what his daily routine is like. “I get up, I take the children to school, I have to be here (in the Barça sports city) at 9:30 am We start training at 11:00, for an hour and a half or two. At 1:00 pm we eat here. And then I have the rest of the day to spend on other things. Business, family, whatever,” he said.

Recently, Shakira also addressed the issue of why she has not married.

The artist, who recently turned 45, met the footballer in 2010, the year in which Spain won the World Cup in South Africa, a match in which Gerard played against the Netherlands as a starter. At that time, the singer was going through one of the best moments in her career thanks to hits like wolf Y the sun rises.

For years it was believed that the couple met during the recording of the World Cup anthem, in which Piqué appears; however, according to statements made by the footballer in an interview with the newspaper L’Sportiu in 2020, clarified that he met Shakira in Madrid shortly before going to South Africa.

“I told him we would meet in the final. She was going to sing the anthem at the closing ceremony and I assumed we would play that game. We lost the first match, but in the end we won, ”she pointed out at the time. Indeed, love arose and the singer initially went to live in Barcelona with him.

In 2017, Shakira confessed to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that, after the birth of Sasha (his first child), he thought about abandoning his musical career altogether. “I decided that as soon as I was independent enough I would go back to the recording studio, but I didn’t take into account the conflict between my two souls (mother and artist) and the fears that arose. I got stage fright. I was confused, I was tempted to withdraw and to leave everything, ”she mentioned.

But it was her partner Gerard, who motivated her to continue and pursue her dreams. “Gerard unblocked me. He told me loud and clear that he would never allow me to retire from music. ‘You will retire when you no longer have anything to say. And now go outside and do what you know how to do.’ He was right “.

Because of that union and affection that they see, some fans of the singer and the player have wondered why the couple has not yet married, after so many years of relationship and having two children as a product of their love. Shakira, in the middle of a talk that she had with the podcast Planet Weird, She mentioned that marriage “scares” her, which could answer that question.

The Colombian added that she does not want Gerard Piqué see her as his wife, “but more as his girl. It’s like that forbidden fruit, I prefer to keep him attentive and think that everything is possible depending on his behavior.