Gerard Piqué puts conditions on the woman with whom he cheated on Shakira

In recent days, images of Pique with a blonde woman. Apparently, it is the young woman who cheated on Shakira.

Gerard Hammered, footballer of the FC Barcelona, He is still in the eye of the hurricane after the scandal for allegedly having been unfaithful to Shakira with a 20-year-old girl. Apparently, this was the reason that led them to end their relationship, which lasted more than a decade.

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Little has been said about the singer. What is known so far is that he would have already left Spain, along with his two children, to be away from Piqué and that, apparently, in recent days he had held a secret meeting with the footballer to define the issue of custody of Milan and Sasha.

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On the part of Piqué, he is still involved in the infidelity scandal, apparently with a 20-year-old blonde, whose identity is unknown for now.

Did Piqué put conditions on his new girlfriend to continue their relationship?

Not even a month has passed since Shakira and Piqué made their separation public, and the footballer has already been caught with another woman, apparently very romantic, enjoying their relationship.

Milan and Sasha’s father was approached this week by a paparazzi but did not want to give any statement. According to Spanish media, due to the public ridicule to which he has been subjected for several weeks, Piqué asked his new girlfriend to sign a series of conditions to continue together. “They met at a party in Barcelona, ​​which belonged to Piqué’s company. He was very comfortable with her, after meeting her through a colleague of hers. After asking her permission to go out with her, he hired her to work and made her sign a contract so that he tells absolutely nothing ”, assured the journalist Marco Chiazza.

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That agreement would have been carried out because Piqué does not support that the media bring to light intimate details of his life. For this reason, he would have asked her new love not to tell absolutely anything that is related to their romance, or when it started, or how they met, or any other detail that links them.

“Piqué can’t bear to have his privacy violated and this is something he’s not handling well. For that reason it is not appearing in any media; neither on Twitch, which is where it is usually shown, nor on any other channel”, assured the journalist.

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Despite the fact that Piqué has prevented the woman’s identity from being revealed, some images have already circulated on social networks and the media where they are seen together, sharing very much in love.

Wasn’t it due to infidelity that Shakira and Piqué separated?

In addition to the rumors of an alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer, a new version has been known in recent days. Apparently, it was all about money problems, according to a former brother-in-law of Shakira. For now, neither of the two versions have been confirmed or denied by either of them.

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