Gerard Piqué suffered a misfortune and many rub his face with the karma he is experiencing

Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué became two of the most talked about Spaniards in international show business, after the love affair they had been having for several months was confirmed. This relationship sparked comments, criticism and reactions in the Spanish media, which are aware of their movements in public.

One of the constant themes that usually comes up is that of the young Catalan as the cause of the love break between the ex-soccer player and Shakira, who lasted more than ten years together, and with two children. In addition to this, criticism arose about the romance that she had with the soccer celebrity, calling her “interested.”

Since then Internet users have not lost any detail or movement of the couple and for this reason a trill that Piqué shared on his Twitter account sparked all kinds of comments. It is about an event that occurred in the middle of his weekend. “An asshole made me a Naruto spoiler and screwed me over the whole weekend.”

After the publication, many assured the ex-soccer player that karma comes sooner or later reminding him of how badly he had behaved with Shakira.

Your wife left with the children, put your batteries on bro”. “Maybe if someone hadn’t cheated on the most powerful Shakira, this wouldn’t have happened to her”, “spoiler what you did to Shakira in an Ibai stream”, were some of the comments left to the Spaniard in his post.

Shakira’s lawyer broke the silence and clarified how the singer’s relationship with Piqué is

The two celebrities were the protagonists of publications, comments and criticism, directly linked to the changes they made in their lives and the agreement they reached to benefit minors. The former soccer player and the singer received all kinds of opinions, due to information that arose about the bad relationship they had in the present due to the separation.

Faced with a wave of versions that came to light about the little communication between Shakira and Piqué, in addition to how elusive they were when it came to bumping into each other in public places, the Spanish press chose to look for the Barranquillera’s lawyer, Pilar Mañé, to ask her about the legal process, the agreement that was signed and the relationship between the two.

First, Europe Press He exclusively inquired with the legal representative of the Colombian woman if the ex-partner’s children would spend Kings 6 with their father or, on the contrary, would travel to Miami with their mother in the following days. Pilar Mañé assumed that the two children would be with the athlete on that date, so she added that everything would be fine.

“I do not know. I guess, I guess, I guess. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, “said the lawyer, to which she spoke of Shakira’s departure for the United States and stated that she did not know yet:” I have no idea because I have not seen her again. We are on vacation”.

To end this space that he gave to the Spanish medium, Mañé responded and clarified what Shakira and Piqué’s true relationship was supposedly like, emphasizing that it was good and there was no reason to worry.

“Great. Don’t worry it’s very good”, Said the legal specialist, denying that both have to mediate through their legal representatives.

These statements aroused curiosity, taking into account everything that was commented months ago about the little closeness and tolerance that would exist between the Spanish and the Latin.